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After doing Google Summer of Code last year, this is my first year of applying for internships. So I’m nervous-yet-excited, and am really hoping that resumes actually get looked at as I don’t have any “employers” to put down so far.

Places I’ve applied to:

  • Mozilla in Mountain View – open source, makers of Firefox and Rust! This is kind of my dream job.
  • Adobe in San Jose – they’re really easy to get to from home, which is great since I don’t have my driver’s license yet.
  • Yahoo in Sunnyvale – also very reachable.
  • Facebook in Mountain View – one at WhatsApp, where they use Erlang! And two elsewhere in the company.
    Lesson learned: if you have a Facebook account, make sure you log in before applying, and use Chrome – the “Skills” field is currently broken on Firefox (this seems to be fixed now). Also, some fields have character caps that aren't apparent unless you proceed to the next page and then go back.

Places I’ve looked at:

  • Jane Street – it’d be fun to work in a functional language like OCaml, but they only have positions in NYC, London, and Hong Kong.
  • Galois – another FP (Haskell) shop that’s too far away (Portland).
  • Google – they’re all closed up for the summer internships. I’ll have to apply earlier next year.
  • Nest – lots of positions open, but the closest office is in Palo Alto, which lacks good public transportation to and from San Jose.
  • Twitter – again, the nearest office is in-state but not close enough (San Francisco).

As it turns out, location is a major limiting factor for me. I definitely need to start driving soon.


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