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  • LiquidHaskell – I’m continuing to contribute to the LiquidHaskell project at UCSD, working to improve the overall usability of the system for real-world projects. Currently this means adapting the new parser I wrote a while back to the current state of the codebase, which has undergone some significant refactoring recently. I’m also implementing an “unparser” to go along with it – a pretty-printer exclusively for turning the AST back into formatted (and colorized!) code, whose output should be parseable back to an AST that is semantically equivalent to the input. Progress is here.
  • Unreal Engine – I’m learning/experimenting with Unreal Engine 4. I have two loosely-defined ideas of things I want to make, but I’m mostly exploring what the tools can do right now. This also has me dabbling in 3D modeling, 2D design, and animation. I’m posting little screenshots and video snippets to my Twitter account, which is actually being used for stuff now.
  • School – A lot of school! Classes, homework, studying. I miss winter break.
  • Internships – I applied to my first internship yesterday, at Mozilla! I'm hunting for more places to apply to right now.
  • New site – Not exactly something I'm “working on” right now, but I have a new design up for my personal page. I really like this one; it was a fun challenge to get the scattered links to position themselves nicely across different screen resolutions.

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