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Jun. 17th, 2017 10:14 pm
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Amelia and I attended an Energy Festival where we saw a speaker from Telsa give a presentation. Throughout the talk, a man next to me insisted on not applauding until the very end where to my amazement, he was the first to rise and clap. Earlier that day we also walked about and saw all the local farms and organizations. I signed a petition or two, joined an organization, and learned about local, ethically raised meat. I've been thinking about eating meat again. I haven't since I was 13.

The festival was enjoyable. I look forward to the next one.

I am alive

Jun. 16th, 2017 09:41 pm
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Local storms in our area knocked down trees and so went my Internet and power. It took quite awhile for things to get moving again. The roads outside were torn apart, and traversing seemed dangerous for a time. I survived driving in flooded plains, downed telephone wires, and traffic. Now it's the weekend, and I guess there is little to report.

At work I've been so busy that I barely found time to ingest the experience. This is my first full-time IT job, and I spent quite a bit of time simply turning off signs. But there have been a few harrowing adventures involving Internet and telephone connections.

One such adventure I recall happened today, when the Internet had gone unexpectedly offline. When I ventured to the site, I was not prepared for the problem. Degraded online assets made the firewall do incredible things. One such symptom was an unidentifiable network connection that changed the settings from work to public... or at least that was what I saw. I couldn't believe it. I called in our system administrator who was also very confused.

I asked the end user, "Did you do this?" Haha. Of course she says no. :)

All while investigating this, she begins talking about the worst topics. First she mentioned the conference I was about to attend in a derogatory way. It's a natural resource conference. Next she mentions a horrible car crash in the direction my wife left town. I was terrified that she had somehow been involved (she reported that she missed it, thank God). After all of this, she began talking about how easy my job is. Please, lady, if you must insist on pushing my buttons, do it on a day that your Internet is not doing weird things!

So after awhile, I had her store running on a backup. I had to disconnect some cabling, which I reported to the tech who runs this region. And then I left for more sign jobs. So many displaced, offline signs. :(

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